We formed Gabelli Private Equity Partners, LLC in August 2017 to focus on leveraged buyouts and restructurings of small and mid-sized companies. This strategy is a natural extension of Gabelli's 40+ year history of investing in companies using our proprietary Private Market Value with a Catalyst ™ investment methodology.

Gabelli has been recognized by the academic community for valuing businesses in the public markets based on the price an informed buyer would pay for the business in a private transaction. Applying this depth of knowledge and experience to the private equity space is a logical next step.

We will rely on the 40+ analyst research team's deep sector expertise. Our objective is to partner with management to identify and surface value through strategic direction, operational improvements and financial structuring. The compounded, accumulated knowledge of our team in sectors across our core competencies provides us with access to management, their customers, and suppliers.

We will collaborate with management to establish shared goals, support the restructuring and growth process, and more importantly, add value by bringing in creative capital solutions and extensive industry insights. This follows in the framework we established more than 30 years ago, when we launched Gabelli-Rosenthal, a private equity fund which had in excess of $300 million of capital (in today's dollars).

Gabelli Private Equity Partners was initially funded with $150 million of the Company's proprietary capital. This structure allows for Gabelli Private Equity Partners to be creative and nimble with no pre-determined exit time table. We focus on businesses with existing growth potential which can be developed by improving their capabilities, teaming up with portfolio companies for strategic expansions and transforming the businesses through M&A opportunities.